Day 12 – The Home Stretch


Today was our last day of Mysore practice for the training. I think everyone is feeling a sense of relief that we have made it. Yet, time with Tim is so precious that knowing it is coming to a close also has me feeling so thankful to have had this time. Without the loving support of my wife and family immersions like this would not be possible. For this I am very appreciative.
Today’s early morning Pranayama practice was the real deal. Tim had done such a good job of starting us very slow and easy and then ramping it up to today. Tim is a Pranayama master. Beyond even his extensive knowledge of asana practice, Tim’s understanding of the breath is remarkable. Today was a reminder of my first days trying to keep up with him. He has been practicing this for so long, he makes it seem like a walk in the park. I hung in there but when we got close to the end I had to gasp a few times. Something about the challenge and intensity of control over the diaphragm and our immediate tendency toward panic in an uncomfortable situation brings about a sense of relief and relaxation when practice is complete. This is yet another reason why I love Ashtanga yoga so much. So much complexity!! Sometimes people say “doesn’t it get boring to do the same sequence every day?” How we move into a pose can be so different one day to the next. The consistency of the sequencing allows for steadiness especially when our minds can be so shaky. This training has reminded me how interesting and fascinating the yoga practice is!!!!
This evening I had the opportunity to assist Tim in his Intro to 2nd series class. It was so much fun and I watched him demonstrate for the students. Tim goes off!!!! He fully busts it out. So he has this incredible talent that he backs up with deep devotion all the while remaining humble. I honestly cannot say enough good about him. He is a true yogi and an honest teacher. I was thinking back to last Friday, a week ago, and how much I was struggling with pain. Now a week later, still pain, but not as much struggle. Guruji would call the soreness of practice sweet pain. I am so relieved to have made that transition.
In closing, Buddha says it best, “may all beings be happy!”

Todd McLaughlin

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