Please Vote for Native Yoga Center

Today is the final day to vote Native Yoga Center for Best Yoga Studio in Palm Beach County. To cast your final vote please click here.

We greatly appreciate your support. Tamara and I had the dream back in 2002 when we starting teaching yoga together that one day we would be able to co-own and operate our own studio. After many years of managing studios and studying and practicing with some incredible teachers over the years we decided to make the leap. We opened Native Yoga Center in Juno Beach 13 years ago. We have learned so much over the years about what it takes to run and operate a small business. It is a great pleasure to share our love for yoga with our local community. We would be honored to earn the distinction this year as being the best yoga studio in the area. Thank you so much for taking the time to vote and, fingers crossed 🤞, with your help we may win.

Support the Bahamas 🇧🇸

Support the people devastated by Hurricane Dorian through a grass roots network of volunteers. South Florida boat owners are bringing necessary supplies to Grand Bahama island. You can bring supplies to Native Yoga Center in Juno Beach. Read supply list items here. If you live far away and want to help you can donate funds here. The money donated goes to supplies only. The boat owners are paying the fuel costs. This is truly locals wanting to help. You can make a difference here!

Crossing Highlights

The Crossing for a Cure 2019 was an INCREDIBLE experience! Thanks to all of your support I was able to raise $18,600 to help those with Cystic Fibrosis receive the care that they require. The amount of love the CF community showered upon all of us paddlers was amazing. Paddling in the middle of the Gulf Stream with no sight of land in 360 degrees was spectacular. Being immersed in the deep blue with a community of like minded athletes was inspirational. I can’t wait to do it again next year! The majority of the photos below are courtesy of professional photographer, David Scarola. Thank you Dave for capturing these images.

Slow Ride, Take it Easy

My Crossing for a Cure paddling team left yesterday from West Palm at 10:30 am after arriving there at 7am. Got on Captains boat and one of the motors wouldn’t start. This was just the beginning. It was started with some tapping of a hammer on the starter. Can you see where I am going with this? So we motor about 10 miles out of Palm Beach Inlet and the boat shuts down. Planning at this point that we are going to have to head back in and a sweeper boat came up behind and loaded the 5 of us and all our gear onto his boat that already had 5 onboard. All was great, cruising along and about 40 miles from Bimini we lost a propeller. It was 7 hours more before we arrived at 10pm. I got all my gear unloaded and checked in and taught a really fun yoga class this morning at 6am. The time lapse video shows the beautiful sunrise and setting. The journey over gave me a lot of time to think and it was actually a really positive experience. Paul and his crew took great care of us and we all stayed in a good frame of mind despite the adversity. I can hardly wait to start paddling. the energy here is charged. It’s one moment at a time in this setting and the headspace is everything. If you would like to track us the app is available in the AppStore called Crossing for a Cure by Sweatworks. Once again, thank you for all of your support.