Yoga in Oklahoma

> A couple of years ago, shortly after Tamara and I opened up Native Yoga Center, a student named Waleah came into practice. Tamara and I were teaching all of the classes and were unable to take a day off regularly (thank you moon days), and we needed some help. This was before we had organized our Teacher Training program. Waleah was so enthusiastic! She has so much excitement for the yoga practice and she was extremely dedicated. She brought so much enthusiasm into the room that it was always palpable. She had the opportunity to travel to California and study with Tim Miller and get a good foundation for the Ashtanga practice. We worked one on one with Waleah over a period of several months helping her to get comfortable with teaching the Native Yoga classes. If we thought she seemed excited about yoga before this added a complete another dimension to her verve. It was through this experience that we laid down the tracks for our current TT program. Waleah really started to demonstrate incredible potential. We were able to have some time off and it was wonderful. Then she alerted us to the fact that she was needing to move to Oklahoma and I think we were all heart broken. We were so excited for her new adventure in life and at the same time we new we would miss her so much at the studio. > > Jump forward to now…. she has invited us to teach a weekend workshop here in Stillwater, Oklahoma!! Waleah managed to open up a beautiful yoga center with her friend and fellow teacher Carol Bender who is so sweet and kind. Oklahoma has a uniquely different vibe from say Florida or California. It is rural and they enjoy a much more relaxed pace here. The surrounding country side and farm community leaves me reminiscing my days spent in farm communities in Australia. The dry and rugged terrain has really opened up my imagination and leaves me feeling even more love for this country and the many flavors it has to offer. The people are very friendly and seem so excited to practice the yoga. Sometime we can be so saturated in yoga studios and it is really amazing to come to a place where yoga is seems so foreign and it is because of this that they have such an incredible vibe at Red Earth Yoga Center. I feel truly blessed to be able to be here. My only lament is that Tamara is not here to share this.
> > I would like to thank all the students who attended last night and I am looking forward to sharing the rest of the weekend here with you.
> > Todd
> > > > > Todd McLaughlin
> 561-296-7996

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