I Dare You To Set A Goal

Lululemon Ambassador Summit Day 2
April 5, 2011

I am going to cut to the chase. Lululemon is far more than a clothing company. Lululemon is an extremely successful company, built from the ground up through the original vision of one man, which is now a shared vision of a global community. Lululemon empowers individual lives through encouraging each and every individual to live fully in each and every moment. I am going to be completely honest. I walked into this thinking, great! I love to go snowboarding and a chance to meet some really amazing individuals who collectively strive to teach and care for humanity. I got this in the bag. Needless to say I had about 2 hours sleep the night before and I was so jazzed on the energy of the group a a bit jet lagged but I went into the day very excited and exhausted. I took a yoga class in the morning with 90 of us together with an amazing local teacher who weaved a powerful theme through the sequence. It was incredible and the connections we were having as a group was inspirational. After breakfast we started to dig in. All of a sudden my buttons got pushed. You know that feeling when you feel like you are being asked to do something that you just don’t want to do? The feeling when you have to really search your mind or soul to at a level that is ultimately confronting. All your emotional baggage is pulled to the surface and you are required to dig deeper to get to the root of the issue at hand. All your patterning starts to come up. Thoughts like, “I don’t need to do this, I am far superior to this experience, I already know what I am doing, this is just over the top, ect., ect.,” start to come up. We all know from doing personal development that this is normal but when we are in “it” the resistance is so strong that it is difficult to see beyond our own voices or fears.

This was me today. I wasn’t expecting this. I mean I was, because I have read the Lululemon manifesto and was familiar with the ideas surrounding goal setting, yet on a deeper level I began to ask myself what are my goals, what would I like to have in my life and ultimately, why am I afraid to expand my vision? Earlier in the year the our local store manager had asked me to fill out a goal setting sheet and I put it to the side. I believe fully in setting goals, yet my reaction at the time was “I am already setting and achieving goals so I don’t need to do this.” Well, when the same sheet got pulled out today and we were asked to set forth our vision and to lay down our 10,5 and 1 year personal, health and career goals I just went “oh boy here we go again.” Yet I am here to learn and be a part of this and I reached deep and used the formulas at hand and I laid down the tracks. I began to turn the corner. I began to open up to the process and just allow myself to dream big. To be very clear about what would I like to achieve and how much compassion can I develop personally and globally. I had an epiphany. Setting goals can be very challenging if at the core I don’t believe that I can achieve them! This process needs to be done over and over again because it is constantly changing and evolving. Just because we have achieved goals in the past doesn’t mean we won’t need to again today. Also, be very clear and concise about what the goals are. Stay in the present tense and begin to make it a reality right here and now. These are all things we already know, yet the beauty is in remembering and continuing to put it into selfless action. If in reading this you are thinking, “what are your goals then Todd and what did you come up with?” I will be happy to share with you, however I encourage you to go through this process your self. It has nothing to do with what my goal is, the beauty is that this is your journey and you can dream big to. You can come into your true nature and live life to the fullest through the expression of your ability to care for yourself, family and friends. Dig deep into your deepest emotions, feelings, fears, expectations, and concerns and become native with your truest sense of self.

Then I remember, wait a minute, this is a clothing company. I am searching my soul and really defining my intentions at a clothing company meeting? This is where the I began to realize the awesomeness of what is going on. Lululemon is a way of life. The only way it can be fun to have success is if we can share our success with others. One way to share success with others is to share the techniques that are employed to achieve success. Lululemon is coaching and encouraging us to do our own personal development work so that we can share in this success and also create it ourselves.

My intentions in sharing this with you is simply that, to share. Happy goal setting!

All the best,


Todd McLaughlin

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