Interview with Greg Nardi with Native Yoga

Greg Nardi will be offering an Ashtanga Yoga Immersion weekend at Native Yoga Center November 11-13th, 2011.  Greg is a phenomenal teacher who has a great understanding of both the practice and theory of ashtanga yoga.  Here is the first question in a series from an interview with him.  We hope you enjoy.  You can vist details about the workshop at

Native Yoga: How did you first get interested in yoga?  What drew you to yoga practice?

Greg Nardi: I was originally invited to take a yoga class by a friend.  I didn’t expect much since I was never into physical activity, and wasn’t particularly health conscious.  Quite the opposite, actually. I grew up asthmatic and always felt pretty let down and trapped by my body.   So, it came as a complete shock when I fell irrevocably in love with the practice at first sight.  I was always seeking spiritually and philosophically, and the combination of feeling really great in my body for the first time in my life, along with a deeply satisfying spiritual culture hooked me in right away.

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