Application of Relativity


An aspiring yogi saw his guru practicing a posture and he was completely inspired to try to imitate his teacher’s ability. The student quickly realized the posture was much more challenging than it looked. Feeling frustrated he asked his guru what it was like to be able to do that pose. His teacher replied, “what was it like for you to practice the last pose you were in?” The student reflected and responded that it was quite miserable, full of anxiety, and that it was a difficult experience. The teacher said, “this pose you saw me perform is also very miserable and difficult to breath in, I don’t think you will like it!” The student thought, “oh great, I have so much to look forward to!” A second student saw the same teacher performing the same pose and also felt inspired to give it a try. She also noticed it was a bit beyond her ability level and asked her teacher what it was like to experience such an advanced position. He asked her, “what was the last pose you practiced like?” She said, “It was the most profoundly liberating moment for me. I felt I could breath deeper than ever and I felt so calm and relaxed I almost forgot I was trying to perform the pose. The teacher responded, “this pose you saw is the most enjoyable posture and you will feel so happy and at peace that you will forget you are trying to master any certain position at all!” The student so responded, “oh great, I have so much to look forward to!”

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