Native Yoga Center: A Vibrant Palm Beach Destination by Paul Rowe

Offering Ashtanga yoga and native yoga Vinsaya classes, traditional Thai massage, Thai massage certification training, monthly workshops, native yoga teacher training, and much more, Juno Beach’s Native Yoga Center keeps Palm Beach yoga culture alive, vibrant, and thriving.

Co-founders of Native Yoga Center Todd and Tamara McLaughlin have been part of Florida’s burgeoning yoga scene for over a decade, and Native Yoga Center has stood apart from other studios in the area because of their many years of experience in the field of yoga and bodywork.

“My wife Tamara and I opened Native Yoga Center eleven years ago here in Plaza La Mer in Juno Beach,” Todd McLaughlin said. “We were originally inspired to share the practice of yoga from our marvelous teachers in India.”

For the last 11 years, Native Yoga Center has proudly remained a family owned and operated yoga studio. Together, Todd and Tamara have cultivated an extremely calming, peaceful, and dedicated environment where locals and visitors of all ages and backgrounds alike are able to initiate and deepen their connections to yoga.

“Native Yoga Center is directed by teachers who have close to twenty years of experience practicing and teaching yoga to people of varied backgrounds,” McLaughlin said. “We offer down to earth instruction that is made accessible by anyone who has a sincere desire to learn authentic yoga.”

Todd and Tamara have brought the people of Palm Beach together through their shared commitment to the study and practice of one of the world’s most ancient and celebrated activities. Providing the local community with uncommonly inspired teacher training for the past nine years has invigorated the people of Juno Beach and the greater Palm Beach region.

“Many of the graduates of our program have gone on to open their own studios and serve their local communities by teaching yoga classes in a multitude of various environments,” McLaughlin said. “Our Teacher Training program is the culmination of many years of study and practice with a continued commitment to inspiring excellence.”

The rich diversity, inspired instruction, and enthusiasm for improvement at Native Yoga Center is simply contagious. Thanks to Todd and Tamara, passion for self-improvement is growing in Juno Beach.

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