Crossing for a Cure only 45 Days Away

Thank you so much for your support in helping Piper’s Angels get closer to reaching this year’s Fundraising goals. Our paddle across the Gulf Stream ebbs closer with only 45 days away. I have been really motivated of late and have gotten on the water every day to train for the past week. There is a ton of seaweed in the water right now which makes for some really tough conditions. Everytime I go through a patch and my fin collects a mass of it my speed goes from 4 mph to about 1 mph. The easiest way to get the seaweed off is to backward paddle and watch behind until I see it dislodge. If you watch the video closely when the frames are sped up that will explain why I am backpaddling on a pass around Peanut Island. This is a very tedious tidbit of information but I enjoy keeping you up to date of every amazing discovery I make! 🙂 My purpose for this note is to remind you how appreciative I am for your encouragment. Even though there is a lot of ‘backpaddling’ going on your aid is making it all worth it.

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