Jayson Barniske ~ Ashtanga Yoga Tulum

Join in listening to this fascinating conversation I had with Jayson Barniske. Jason is opening up an Ashtanga yoga center and vegan cafe in Tulum, Mexico. You have to check this out! Find Jayson on IG @jbarniske. Check out his website ashtangayogatulum.com while you are at it.

You can listen to the conversation by visiting our podcast website here: https://nativeyogacenter.buzzsprout.com/950785/11153308-jayson-barniske-ashtanga-yoga-in-tulum

During this conversation we discussed:

  • Jayson’s 3 most difficult times and 3 best times of his life (sit down for this one)
  • Shamanic traditions that lay the foundation for yoga
  • how yoga has impacted his life
  • what practicing with a shaman in Mexico is like
  • the use of bee tinctures in the eyes to cure troubled vision
  • his vision of practicing yoga in the jungle coming to reality
  • how he has translated his struggle into freedom
  • and a whole lot more

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