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I Love Ashtanga Yoga! I am awake early just thinking, “how can I explain how amazing this experience is?” How can I put into words something that is truly sublime? I remember the first time I went onto Sri K. Pattabhi Jois’ website( I was practicing Bikram Yoga and just beginning to realize that there were yoga “styles” or “traditions”. I recall being completely inspired at that time to try to learn how to practice the poses I was seeing Guruji and Sharath (Guruji’s grandson) pictured in. It seemed other worldly. Something that was far beyond what I could do or even comprehend. Yet going to India at that time almost seemed completely unfathomable. At that point I had begun to experience world travel….yet India also seemed like again a step further than I had yet been. The classic saying of a long journey begins with one step I feel really applies in the yoga practice. It is the seeds of initial longing that when tended really start to develop. After jumping a few hurdles(many steps later), Tam and I made it to India, and had the opportunity to meet Guruji and Sharath. To practice in their shala(yoga studio). Here is where I find it challenging to describe. What can I say? Yesterday, a good 5 years later, Tam and I had the chance to practice in Eddie Stern’s(a certified Ashtanga Instructor) Yoga Shala in New York City. I am completely blown away by the depth of this yoga practice. At the essence it comprises so much more than the glean I first was attracted to in seeing photographs of the physical form. Plus there is so much emotional and physical baggage that has to get refined I think start to actually enjoy this. I remember reading once at the onset that it takes about 8 years to actually start to enjoy this practice. I thought at the time that I was already enjoying it yet I am beginning to see what was meant by that. On one hand I can hardly imagine what is in store then for the future. I immediately think of our teacher Tim Miller. Tim’s shala is in Calsbad (Encinitas) and he has been at this for over 30 years. Tim is incredible!! I feel like it was at his shala that I truly got the feeling for what this was all about and his dedication inspired both of us to no end. He still does. I am feeling an incredible appreciation for the teachings of Guruji and to all of the people who keep his method alive. So without sounding to cliche…….what more can I say?


Native Yoga Center
833 Donald Ross Rd
Juno Beach, FL 33408

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  1. Hi Todd , Its Coni….I can’t express how I feel when I read the words of other Ashtangis…on the impact of what this beautiful tradtion has on them. I, too….have experienced this blessing…as I do everyday on my mat!!! Will be traveling to Mysore to practice with Sharath in Feb…. a little anxious…but sooo excited. Hopefully, we can speak soon…safe trip,

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