Take some time

If we just take the time to sit and relax our body and mind without any stimulus from the outside it becomes very clear as to why we have difficulty in our lives. Difficulty with life and the problems that we face seems to be inevitable. Yet how we react to these challenges seems to be what we do have the ability to control. It is not within the nature of the world to control. It is when I try to control my surroundings that I am led to disappointment. The process of listening and observing is so completely profound that I often wonder why was I not taught this from a young age as the fundamental skill for traversing life? Perhaps I was but I wasn’t paying close enough attention. Nevertheless, I can only encourage more than anything during this holiday to take some time for ourselves and appreciate the simple beauty of what is around.

Native Yoga Center
833 Donald Ross Rd
Juno Beach, FL 33408

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