Day 4


Day 4
My most difficult day yet. It is challenging for me to write this. Those of you that know me, know how much I love to be involved in the practice. Right now I am on the sidelines. I am injured and I have had to take the day off. This is so challenging for me. I know I will bounce back which gives me some respite. Yet this is such a humbling experience. In some ways I know this is good for me because it is reality and I need to face reality with courage and acceptance. All I can say is that the people I am surrounded by are so loving and supportive. Tim is being very understanding and for this I appreciate him even more. Of course, due to my nature, I would like to be writing and saying, “wow I moved forward in this incredible position that opened me up in ways I never thought possible.” However, instead I am just trying to manage pain and find the strength just to get in the room to sit and listen to the lectures. I attempted to practice and did one Surya Namaskar! Officially the shortest practice I have ever done. I am trying to see the good in this. If anything I have a new found respect for those with injuries who continue to practice even if it is modified and made its most simple of forms. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and just by writing somehow makes me feel a bit better. If anything I feel like letting go of my ego and my attachment to who I think I am might be what I am here for. As opposed to maybe I will grab my leg deeper in my backbend. After all of this I am still thankful to have this opportunity.

Todd McLaughlin

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