Day 7 -Lazy daze

Oh the lazy daze of Sunday. Above is a photo of some seals taking savasana on a buoy off of Newport.

This morning i showed up for led 2nd series class. I decided to try to go through the series without over extending myself. It was quite a challenge because 2nd requires being on your arms for quite a long and extended period of time. The process of moving like this is helping me to see that any body can do this practice if modifications are done properly. Granted I had to chill in child’s pose for most of it. The thing I am stoked about is that I don’t know if I would be allowed to work like this elsewhere but Tim is giving me the space to explore. At the end of the practice he said with humor, “luckily we are not graded on our performance. This is either pass or fail. If you show up you pass.” This statement really resonated with me. I had begun to doubt if I really should have shown up to such an advanced class considering I am starting back from square one. This is how Tim will blow your conception of yoga right out of the door. What is even more mind boggling is that Tim could be just as famous as some of the other rock star teachers, but he chooses to stay true to the practice. I mean the guy is approaching 60 and hardly anyone can keep up with him. You have to see this to believe it. That is why I would like to organize a pilgrimage to Encinitas. Is anyone interested. We can travel here as a group and spend some time with the master. An
After this we had day off and I went up to Newport to spend the day with my family(actually Tam’s side of the family but they are so cool I am stoked to call them my family too. We went out into the ocean on a boat and saw the coast from a fresh perspective. I love Florida, don’t get me wrong, but the west coast thing is pretty radical. The water is like 68 degrees right now. That is crazy cold. Give me Florida warmth any-day. That is what is so amazing about Costa Rica. The topography is like Cali but the water us like Florida. Another place worth the pilgrimage. There is something to be said about some lazy daze dreaming.!
Todd McLaughlin

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