Day 8 The Gateway


I find it very interesting that a yoga posture can be considered a gateway. A position of the body can serve as a porthole to another dimension. I suppose that dimension will differ for each individual and how we move ourselves into that dimension seems to be why practice is needed.
Our entrance from one moment to the next is marked by passage. Time according to nature is our usual method of measuring this movement. Either through our observation of the Earth’s rotation in relation to the sun or in the time it takes for a flower to bloom. One way or another the passing of time continues. In yoga practice we have what are called “gateway” postures. These poses are often very difficult for the beginner and require years of practice to achieve mastery in. These “gateway” poses are often very appealing to the eye because of the artistic lines of geometry that they create. When the yogi begins to enter into this “gate”, an incredible sense of possibility is facilitated. What we choose to do once we enter is also an interesting issue. Do we use this to enhance our ego or do we direct our attention toward greater levels of compassion for all beings? I think that if we can learn apply to proper level of commitment balanced with ease and steadiness we can enter into infinite possibility. Perhaps to try to put it more simply, yoga opens us up to our true reality.
On a lighter note. Tomorrow is full moon. I can’t express enough bow thankful I am for this. To have a day off from practice is such a blessing and to some maybe it is in disguise. Moon day give two days a month to reflect and rejuvenate. Tomorrow happens to be full moon. Typically during this time we are a little headstrong. Even more reason to relax.
It also give some time to do laundry. Right now I am watching the coin machine spin. The yoga practice is so amazing!!!!!!

Todd McLaughlin

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