Day 24 – No Shave Yoga Event – #yogabeardsunite – Respect the Edge

Day 24 – No Shave Yoga Event – #yogabeardsunite – Respect the Edge  
Yoga gives us the opportunity to cultivate optimal health and wellness. When we begin to push the boundaries of what we think is possible we are exploring what is called our “edge.” In the pursuit of optimal mental and physical health if we go a little to far over our “edge” we become acutely aware of the fact by experiencing pain. Yet the very experience of cultivating a relationship with our boundaries is where the real value lays. The process of going a little “to far,” gives us an incredible insight into the nature of our existence. Explore your edge and do so with utmost respect and good health and wellness is bound to find you.
No Shave Yoga Event is a group of yoga teachers who have banded together to help spread the word, grow hairy, raise money and inspire health through the practice of yoga. Our fundraising team is called Yoga Beards Unite and we aim to raise at least $1500 by the end of November. Please help us achieve our goal by donating to our team page at When you post on social media please tag us to show your support and share our/your story to help us in our endeavor. Together we can make a difference! @adampolhemusyoga @brianmilleryoga @davidmiliotis @gregnardi @juankgalan @nativeyoga @willduprey

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