Day 9 Moon Day Introspection


I was walking down the beach the other day just below Swami’s and I met this guy named Yogi Shane playing the harmonium. I walked over and listened to him bust out the most radical devotional songs……super classic. Because we had the morning off with no class, today I went down there again. He told me he had begun burying his body in the sand while in a yoga pose. I had to admit that it was a really unique idea. I gave it a try and he dug a deep enough hole so that I could sit in baddha konasana(feet together and knees toward the ground.) He then filled in the hole and packed the sand down. Really strong so that basically I couldn’t move at all. It was so awesome and intense at the same time. A dog ran up and started to lick my face and ears and I fully cracked up. Nothing I could do about out it. In Buddha meditation there is what is called adithan. Which means fierce sitting or sitting with no movement or with strong determination. This seemed to be following a similar thought current. A strange sense of anxiety cropped up but the process of staying present was so amazing. It took me about 10 minutes to dig myself out. I then went and jumped in the 68 degree water, (which is a heck of a lot colder than Florida) and seriously woke the senses. It was freakin’ awesome!!! We all just spent 5 hours in Yoga sutra study with Tim. The yoga sutras create an opportunity for deep introspection. So in many senses they are very challenging. Tim presents them in such a clear and concise fashion, with humor, and sincere insight. Being Tuesday, Hanuman day, we had an epic Hanuman chalisa session! The combination of the harmonium and the devotion behind the delivery is creating an interesting space for me. It is really growing on me.
One of the sutras that stood out for me today was to the effect of; when there is contentment there is no need to seek happiness. So simple right?? Yet how often are we in a place of contentment? True contentment!! Since most often we are in the place of seeking happiness through an event or experience. So to experience Santosha(contentment) the need to seek drops away. The sutras then point out; well, how to experience santosha when there is suffering? This seems to be the challenge. Hence the practice.

Todd McLaughlin

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