How has Yoga Improved your Health?

Day 6 – No Shave Yoga Event – #yogabeardsunite – How has Yoga Improved your Health?
During this month we are focussing on men’s health. No Shave November is in large part about raising our awareness about health in general with emphasis on early detection of cancer. The money we are raising is with the intention of helping in the research process. In the case of the donations that go to St. Jude Children’s Hospital the support helps children with cancer and to also support the family members taking care of the children. In general the idea is to help those that are in need of it.
Often yoga is perceived as a practice that can help to improve one’s health. The benefits associated with hatha(postural awareness) yoga exercise are numerous. Pranayama(breathing practice) is incredible for strengthening the nervous system and meditation has untold positive effect on our overall health and well being.
How has yoga helped your health? When I reflect on how yoga has helped me I don’t know where to begin. I often feel that the practice of yoga, beyond improving health, has helped my understand of what health is and to see the integration of all the aspects of my being into a unified whole. By opening our perspective to the possibilities of the health we can experience through yoga practice, I feel that practice itself becomes the definition of health. No matter where we are in our state of being, whether we feel healthy or not, yoga can help us to come to terms with reality. Cultivating clear perception can help us make the most of the given situation we find ourselves in. Moment by moment we take steps forward toward peace, health and wellness by cultivating acceptance. 
No Shave Yoga Event is a group of yoga teachers who have banded together to help spread the word, grow hairy, raise money and inspire health through the practice of yoga. Our fundraising team is called Yoga Beards Unite and we aim to raise at least $1500 by the end of November. Please help us achieve our goal by donating to our team page at When you post on social media please tag us to show your support and share your story to help us in our endeavor. Together we can make a difference! @adampolhemusyoga @brianmilleryoga @davidmiliotis @gregnardi @juankgalan @nativeyoga @willduprey

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