Lynsi Eastburn – Using Hypnotherapy to Inspire Fertility

I am pleased to feature Lynsi Eastburn on the Native Yoga Toddcast! 

As the creator of 3Keys® HypnoFertility, Lynsi is the world’s established expert in the field of hypnosis to promote fertility. She began professionally using hypnosis to facilitate pregnancy before anyone else had actively considered or pursued its benefits, when there was no information about it in books, when nothing could be found on the internet.

During this conversation Lynsi and I discuss how hypnotherapy, yoga and relaxation techniques can play a vital role in reducing stress and how this can positively effect fertility.

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Todd McLaughlin

I’m so happy to have Lindsey Eastburn here today. Lindsay, you have a website called I’m really excited to talk about your new book and but just to get started and so all of our listeners have a chance to get to know you. Can you explain to me what your method called 3Keys Hypnofertility is all about? 

Lynsi Eastburn

Yeah. Hi, Todd. Thanks for having me on today. Nice to see you. Thank you. So basically 3Keys Hypnofertility is actually how I use it these days to distinguish it from what’s become kind of a generic word for Hypnofertility. When I started working with this, I am a hypnotherapist, and I’ve been in the healing arts for a long, long time. And in general private practice, I started encountering women who are trying to get pregnant and hypnosis wasn’t known for helping with fertility at that time. And this was back in was probably 20 some odd years ago at any rate. And so hypnosis was really helpful. And people knew that it was, it was well known for childbirth and other things like weight loss and smoking, but not for fertility. And so what happened was people started coming in, for one reason or another that ended up being fertility connected, and I was able to help them. And even those who were given a diagnosis have 0% chance of ever getting pregnant or ending up getting pregnant naturally began working with me. 




So kind of long story short, I ended up developing a method because there wasn’t anything out there. And I called it Hypnofertility. And then just over the last few years, I have given it its own kind of designation of 3Keys Hypnofertility. It’s based on three keys to conception that I received in meditation about 27 years ago. 


So while you’re in a state of meditation, this came to you? Can you give me a little insight into what that was like or how that came about? 


Yeah, for sure. Now it gets kind of spiritual spirit baby type of stuff. I started out kind of working with the art and science of hypnosis, so to speak. And then also, I’ve always been connected with spirit or mind body spirit balance. I am an intuitive empath. And so years ago, I was only supposed to have one child. My son is now 27. Now going on 28. He came to me as a spirit baby and said, “Hi, I’m coming to you, you need to have me make arrangements.” Yeah, yeah. And I thought, Okay, I’ve always been open to this type of thing. But at that time, I was like, wow, this is something, he sent me his name. And so I did have to make some significant changes, and I was able to welcome him into the world. So what happened was, I ended up in a in a class that was basically healing arts, sort of a crystal enhancement class and I was learning about crystals. It was meditation and it various spiritual things like that. We did an exercise to meet our guide, to meet a spirit guide. And so I did that exercise. And then at the time, we would do it in class, and we practice at home, with cassettes, if you can believe it. And we used automatic writing to tune into the spirit guide. So lots of people were getting a lot of different things with our automatic writing. Well, my guide showed up, who is an infinity symbol, basically. So I got a symbol. And then I got one word, and I kept getting this one word, and the word was meditate. And so day after day, week after week, I’m practicing with my meditation. I’m working on connecting with my guide, and I’m getting this word, meditate, meditate, meditate. So I’m like, can I have something else? What else can I have, some more words please? And so eventually, I did get another word, which was listen. And so then I would, I would get that every day. And so I would do my meditations. And I’d get meditate and listen, and then listen was the focus for a while. And then after, you know, another few weeks, I got the word Trust. And that’s all I got. Meditate, listen, trust. Well, this was prior to me trying to conceive this child who showed up and told me that he was coming into the world. And so I began to basically apply that because as I was meditating, or as I was tuning in, I was becoming clearer. I was obviously becoming calmer. And my, you know, just nervous system was much more balanced. I was creating that balance of Mind, Body, and Spirit and I was able to listen. I was able to hear directions or instructions, or just that knowingness. I mean, it really enhanced that. You know, my intuition. All of that type of thing. And then the trust was to trust it. You know that you’re getting this baby that I’m not supposed to have just kept showing up. Trust it. Right. Yeah, you’ve got him.


Wow. That’s amazing. Congratulations. Your son is how old now? 


He’s 27. He’s the musician that got me all set up with my microphone and livestream to do this interview. 


It sounds really good. By the way. I’m so happy he did that for you.


Yeah, he’s a good guy, that’s for sure. So

yeah, it’s just so interesting. And then when I talk about meditate, listen, trust, that even as I did my hypnotherapy training, as I worked with Reiki and other modalities, it really is the crux of that. And I realized that this was where I got in meditation, sort of this knowing that this is the three keys to conception, meditate, listen, trust. No matter what else is going on. If you can utilize these, it just helped on so many levels. And then I was kind of thinking about and I go, you know, that’s really the three keys to life. It’s not just the three keys to conception, however, it is totally the crux of the program, or the work that I do and meditate doesn’t necessarily literally mean meditate. So it can be obviously hypnosis since that’s what I do. It can also be like just being quiet going into the quiet, it can be walking in nature, it can be doing yoga, it can be doing, you know, bodywork or any type of self care really. It’s a time when you just shut off, you know, shut off the phone, shut off the screens, the TV, the whole thing, and even if it’s just for a minute or two minutes a day, but just have some quiet and people tend to not do that. And it’s gotten worse. You know, since before my son was conceived because now we have all this technology and phones. A lot of people, they want noise all the time. So it’ll be the TVs in the background or the radios in the background or, which is fine if you’re paying attention to it. Yet often it is used to block out listening to our own minds and senses. When I get up in the morning, I don’t want to hear anything. And I want to get my tea and I want to just, you know, talk to my dogs. And that’s kind of it, but I don’t want any noise going on. But a lot of people are kind of averse to that. They really do need to have background noise all the time. 


That’s a great point. What I really liked about the serendipity of having the chance to speak with you is I had someone come in for a Thai massage, and she said that the only way she was able to get pregnant was because she started getting Thai massage. And that it relaxed her nervous system enough that she was able to have a baby. And that was the first time I heard someone say that to me personally. And so then not long after when I was able to get in contact with you, I thought that this would be a really interesting topic. I’m excited to hear different stories that you’ve probably have seen with your clients where they’ve tried everything. I know there’s a lot of different fertility treatments out there. Can you explain to me what some of them are? Or what people who come to you for assistance have tried? 


Yeah, you’re absolutely right. And a lot of times with hypnosis, in general, we can often be the last resort for people. And the great thing is, it’s still effective. And it doesn’t, you don’t have to believe in it. A lot of times, people just, they’ve tried everything. At that point they think, I’m going to come to hypnosis, which is really how this kind of got kicked off, was people thinking well, what if hypnosis would help? And so people may be going through medical treatment, which can be quite costly. And it’s very invasive. And a lot of invitro fertilization, for example, they have to take a lot of injections and hormones, it’s really hard emotionally.

It requires like a full time job, people have to be at the clinic so often. And a lot of times, I don’t know, if I will, I probably would lean toward most times, many times, it does not work on the first round. And so they have to end up going through it again. And sometimes people have done eight or nine cycles of IVF, before they come to see me. And that was how it was early on. People were at a dead end. They didn’t have the technology they do now. People were getting these ultimatums. They’re either being told they are not a candidate for IVF, or any of these types of treatments and to go home and come to terms with being childless or adopt. Instead I was having these folks, they would come in and say, I believe that there’s a baby there. I feel it. I just know it. I know there’s a baby there. And I always could sense into that. And so I say, Yeah, I believe you. And let’s work with that.

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