News from Children Walking Tall in India

Thank you so much to everyone who has donated children’s clothes in the past few weeks.  In about three weeks we will be traveling to Goa, India and we will be able to bring 100lbs of clothing to Children Walking Tall for underprivileged children. You can also donate through our donation page at Virgin Money Giving/ Native Yoga.

We received and email from the director at Children Walking Tall.  Below I have copied her note to help you understand the mission that they are involved in and which we can all participate.

“Hi Todd and Tamara,

We were really thrilled to see that you had decided to fundraise for Children Walking Tall – its really very kind of you. Almost all of our funding comes from Fundraising and Donations so you can be sure that your efforts will make a difference to children’s lives. We’re also poleased to see that you will visit Mango House shortly and so you will see the work on the ground first hand. I’ve copied Savita in to my email – she manages Mango House and I’m sure will look forward to your visit.

Although its the long school holidays in Goa Mango house has been really busy. As soon as school breaks up Savita is straight on with measuring up for 100s of uniforms and organising bags, stationery, shoes, rain gear etc etc. Its a really big undertaking. In a few weeks the new school year will be starting and we’re happy to report that many of the Morning School children will be going to full time school for the first time. We’re always really pleased to see them join – being able to start school is a tremendous achievement for the children. Its difficult enough for them to learn to concentrate etc but imagine going to school and being taught in a language you can’t understand. The start they get from having attended Morning School means they are well prepared to succeed and hopefully over the years will gain education and skills which will help them out of the poverty cycle.

Do let us know if you need anything from us. So that you are aware we do get a report every week (sometimes two weeks) that summarises all donations in the previous week. As people donate they get an automatic thank you from us via the Virgin site but we also send an individual thank you when we get the report from Virgin.

Thanks again

All of your support is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Todd and Tamara