Crossing for a Cure Yoga Challenge a Success


The results are in! Thank you everyone who came and supported Piper’s Angels Foundation and Crossing for a Cure today at the Crossing for a Cure Yoga Challenge. A special thanks to Travis and Piper for your attendance. Check out the results below:

Crossing for a Cure Yoga Challenge

Child’s Pose
Travis 35 min
Zach 32:13 min
Chris 32 min

Tree Pose (both side times combined)
Stephanie 20 min
Piper 16:06 min
Jamie 10:11 min

Down Dog
Zach 12:38 min
Jamie 12:09 min
Judy 9:57 min

Handstand on wall
Judy 3:30 min
Jen 2:00 min
Jamie 1:07

Free Handstand
Jen 5:06 sec
Piper 3:01 sec
Jamie 2:03 sec

It was a fun event and all the participants endured long holds in each of these poses. Putting #boldinthefaceoffear to practice!