Purvottanasana Pose for Purpose

Purvottanasana can translate as East Intense Stretching Pose and is often associated with inspiring new beginnings or facing the present with enthusiasm. This pose is quite challenging and presents an even greater demand when we try to hold it for any length of time. When we are faced with a difficult challenge in life, how we react to that challenge defines who we are. Purvottanasana can be a great way to train our focus to remain strong under pressure and see the sun beyond the clouds.


Transform your Practice

The practice of yoga can transform the perspective of limited thinking and lack of ability to move freely in our bodies. The process of practice is such that our perception of what is possible is constantly challenged therefore leading us toward greater potential. The connection between the thought and the action becomes so clear one comes face to face with reality. Therefore, reality is a construct of thought patterns that are in essence only that, our thoughts. The goal can then become to release thought and move with the natural “flow.” It is here that our yoga is truly alive and well!