No Shave Yoga Event

rsz_1rsz_nsyeDuring the month of November I am striving to raise awareness about cancer and to help fundraise for the organization I have created two main events to help this process. One is an actual gathering at Native Yoga Center for a donation based yoga class on November 22nd at 12pm. If you live locally in South Florida you can register for the event at the No- Shave Yoga Event registration page. The other event is an online fundraising social media campaign involving male yoga teachers from around the world. We are collectively growing a beard to support the cause and are posting pictures and words of inspiration on our social media channels. Our team is called Yoga Beards Unite and it consists of @adampolhemusyoga @brianmilleryoga @davidmiliotis @gregnardi @juankgalan @nativeyoga @willduprey. Follow us on Instagram and on our favorite social media channels. These events are open for all to participate, male and female. Your support will help those who are working through the challenge of cancer receive financial and moral support. Help show your support by including #yogabeardsunite on your posts as well. Thank you!

Pass it on: Ashtanga was not designed for adolescent boys

The Confluence Countdown

One of the many delightful moments at this month’s Ashtanga Yoga Confluence was when Eddie Stern invited everyone in the audience to pass this message on:

“Ashtanga was not designed for adolescent boys.”

He noted that if all 350 people gathered passed that on — in Los Angeles, in New York, in Florida, in Arizona, in Israel, in Mexico and everywhere else we’d come from — it would go a long way to ending this myth. (One place you’ll find this myth is good old Wikipedia.)

“This is not true,” Eddie said of that myth. Krishnamacharya and eventually Guruji were teaching all types of people at the Mysore palace and Sanskirt University, but when it was time for demonstrations, the boys were the ones on show. But they weren’t the intended students.

Do I have to remind you who were?

Sick people, old people, stiff people… everyone except lazy people.


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