This is Why Yoga Makes me Happy

Yoga makes me happy because every time I practice, I feel lighter and more calm.

Watch this video so I can share with you reasons why I think yoga can make you happy too.

Before I started to practice yoga, I was very unhappy. I went through a very difficult time in my life. And when I started practicing yoga a little over 30 years ago, I noticed that I began to be able to change my negative thinking into positive thinking. And that simple shift created such a profound change for me in my life. So through a consistent yoga practice, Yoga has brought me tremendous happiness.

So you might be thinking, I’d like to feel some happiness, too. So I just want to share a few reasons why I think yoga can bring about more happiness.

The first reason that I think yoga helps to make me happy is breath and movement. The simplicity of practicing yoga, creating exercise, and coordinating the breath in the movement always has a profound effect on my nervous system, my mood and my general well being. Plus, yoga is designed to improve longevity. And it really is aimed at harnessing the fullness of our human potential.

The second reason yoga makes me happy is that it forces me to take my mind and place it on an object and an object of concentration. The practice of holding attention steady, at a single point of concentration has a profound effect on mood and overall sense of well being.

The third reason that yoga makes me happy is that every time I feel aches and pains, the yoga practice helps me to do something proactive to actually change the situation.

Four, I love sharing yoga. It brings me so much joy. The act of sharing the yoga practice brings me so much happiness.

And the fifth reason that I know yoga makes me happy is that it gives me a profound sense of purpose. Having a daily practice and staying consistent to my practice really helps me to stay focused on something that’s positive and consistent. Through this process of maintaining consistent practice, and really developing a sense of purpose gives me a reason to get on the mat every day.

I know that when I practice, I feel better. So the simple act of just getting on the mat no matter what can cultivate commitment. And whether it’s sitting on a cushion and practicing meditation or getting on the yoga mat and practicing yoga asana. If it’s just simply working with the breathing or, on some days I just lay down on my back and practice Shavasana.

By putting my attention into the practice and maintaining consistency gives me a sense of purpose. I believe that through sense of purpose, immense happiness is available for all of us.

That’s why I want to share the Yoga with you and make it accessible for you. You can join me every day here at Native Yoga Center via our two weeks free, unlimited live stream yoga special for those of you that are new to us here.

Check out the links below and join in and come practice. Just start breathing and moving and bringing your attention to a point of concentration. Start to observe how by taking care of your aches and pains and actually doing something proactive and the art of sharing and when you start to feel the joy and the happiness that comes from practicing yoga, your friends and family will feel that to.

You’ll get a sense of the fact that you’re spreading a little bit of positivity in the world, which double feedback loops into your own happiness. And also just keeping your focus and feeling a sense of purpose and all of these things included can be found by just simply getting on your mat.

So if you need some assistance or you need some help, just start practicing and we’re here for you.

If anything I mentioned here makes sense to you remember to leave a comment below and I will happily answer you back. Remember… just keep practicing!

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