Jennifer Allen – Aloha & Namaste

Episode  112 – Jennifer Allen ~ Aloha & Namaste

Join us for this fascinating discussion with JENNIFER ALLEN. Jennifer is the author of  Mālama Honua | Hōkūle’a – A Voyage of Hope. She had the honor of documenting the journey and produced one of the most beautiful books. She is a yoga teacher and practitioner and she shares her love of the connections between the Aloha and Namaste spirit. 

The mission of the Mālama Honua voyage was to connect with environmentalists and indigenous peoples around the globe to create a network of communities protecting our island Earth. The purpose was to ignite and inspire these communities while also connecting with those who are working hard to save our oceans and earth.

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During this conversation Jennifer speaks about:

  • The authorship of her book Mālama Honua | Hōkūle’a – A Voyage of Hope.
  • How she first learned about the Hōkūle’a voyage.
  • How she received permission to go on the voyage?
  • The journey from Aotearoa to Australia.
  • Feeling nervous on the sailing journey.
  • Yoga with professional athletes.
  • ​Yoga with Maty Ezraty at YogaWorks.

About Jennifer

​Jennifer documented the three-year Worldwide Voyage of the Polynesian voyaging canoe, Hōkūle‘a, for a book published by Patagonia in 2017. She is also the author of a collection of short stories, “Better Get Your Angel On,” published by Alfred A. Knopf, and a memoir, “Fifth Quarter: the Scrimmage of a Football Coach’s Daughter,” published by Random House. As a journalist, her work has appeared in The New York Times Magazine, Rolling Stone, The New Republic, George, Buzz,, and PLAY. Her essays have been anthologized in “Because I Said So,” “Paris On The Mind,” and The Library of America’s “Football, Great Writing About the National Sport.” She has also written for HBO’s comedy series ARLI$$ and has served as an on-air reporter for the NFL Network and NFL Films.

Check out an excerpt of the podcast here:

Todd McLaughlin

That’s amazing Jennifer, that’s so cool. So you’ve lined up this incredible sponsor, you got permission from the Hawaiians to go forward, you have a an amazing photographer….. and you have the writing skills. So what happened next? How did your journey begin?

Jennifer Allen

So we began and we just we charted out what places we thought we would go. Of course, that would change, you know, and you would think, we’re gonna have a schedule, but then you soon realize the whole idea of a schedule is impossible because it just depends on what the wind is doing. It depends on you know, you soon realize that, like, you may think that you’re in control, but nature is in control. And nature is determining when you’re going to sail when you’re going to fly, because we would fly to meet them when you’re going to do anything really is at the pace of nature, which is as it should be. So we we went to American Samoa, and then we went to Aotearoa, which is New Zealand, which was beyond the beyond. When you’re with the Hawaiians going to these places, they had already arranged for it to be that the communities were ready to welcome them. They made sure that the Hawaiians would say, “do we have permission to come?” And so the communities that met them were the people of that place. So it wasn’t your usual experience. It was very, very original. The original people of that land and that ocean. There were many times where English was not being spoken. And we were in a forest in New Zealand and the Maori language is similar to the Hawaiian language, but not the same. So they were chanting back and forth. And speaking. And I’m, as you know, I’m feeling everything because I’m feeling like I grew up in a house with many languages. My mom was from North Africa, so I’m comfortable not understanding, okay. And just reading the feelings, but then halfway through I’d think, “I have to document this.” I have to articulate this in English somehow, you know, and I think that’s also where the yoga helped me of just like intuiting by being in the place what it is, and then afterwards, I would ask people in English was this what was conveyed? And I was often correctt. Which was incredible, because I wasn’t trying to understand what’s going on. I didn’t need to understand it. I just needed to experience it. What is he feeling? What is she feeling? What is she saying? Like, just be in it. Don’t try to grasp it. You know, and that’s yoga too. Yeah, yes. Yeah. So I felt like a lot of things have prepared me for this project. If it was 20 years prior I wouldn’t have been mature enough to do the project.

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