Christina D’Arrigo ~ Making Mind, Body & Spirit Yoga Accessible

Episode  110 – Christina D’Arrigo – Making Mind, Body & Spirit Yoga Accessible

Join in listening to this wonderful conversation I had the pleasure of  having with Christina D’Arrigo. Christina is a Mom and a Yoga Teacher from New York. 

You can connect with Christina at the links below.
30 Days of Mind, Body, and Spirit Yoga
YouTube Channel

During this episode we discuss topics like:

  • How she got started in yoga?
  • Advice for youtube yoga teachers.
  • About her Yoga and dance training.
  • Advice for pregnant yogis.
  • Christina’s thoughts on short practices.

About Christina
My name is Christina, I’m a native New Yorker, and I’m the yoga teacher over here at ChriskaYoga. I have a background in dance having studied movement all my life, and along with my 500 hour Yoga Teaching certification in the YogaWorks Method, I also have a Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in dance and choreography.


Check out an excerpt below from our conversation.

You can listen to the full episode for free here:

Todd McLaughlin

You said you published three books, what are the other two that you wrote?

Christina D’Arrigo

So the second book was a chair yoga book. So basically yoga in a chair all sequences that take place, seated in or be seated in a chair, or, you know, standing next to a chair and things like that, using the chair as an aide to get into the poses, basically, for anybody with mobility issues, or any any injuries. Yeah, things like that. And then the third book was a pelvic floor book. So basically all about pelvic floor yoga, and how to strengthen your pelvic floor how to release if it’s too, you know, tense, any? Yeah, recovery from pelvic floor trauma, injury to the area, things like that.

Todd McLaughlin

With your dance background, is that something that was taught to you when you were going through dance training? Or is that something that you became more aware of in your yoga practice and training?

Christina D’Arrigo

It definitely was a part of the dance training. For sure. Actually, along with yoga, dance training, we also do a lot of Pilates. So it was actually more strongly emphasized in our Pilates kind of supplementation to the dance training. So I do have that as a, I had that in the back of my head as well. But the poses are fairly similar. It’s just a different. Yeah, totally different thing. Got it. Yeah. The dance training helped a lot.

Todd McLaughlin

That’s cool. Did you said you dance professionally, when you were a child? I’m just trying to imagine. Does that mean like in plays, or for television, and TV? Or movies? Or?

Christina D’Arrigo

I was a part of a dance of ballet company as a child. So we did stage work.

Todd McLaughlin

Do do any work currently with dancers outside of the yoga realm? Or have you have you transitioned fully from the dance world?

Christina D’Arrigo

Yeah, I’m no longer involved with dance. Which I mean, in a sense of staff, but you know, that was one part of my life. And then I moved on.

Todd McLaughlin

Yeah, yeah. Yeah. That’s cool. Did Did you ever injuries in the dance world? Had you ever sustained in your or suffered any?

Christina D’Arrigo

Yeah, dance is intense. Being a dancer is very difficult on the body, especially ballet. So when I was young, I think I was in high school. I had my first kind of real injury, where I had a knee issue. It was tendinitis in the than the kneecap. So yeah, it was tough. And you have to do a lot of physical therapy around that. And then I had some hip injuries and things like that. So yeah, that being a dancer is tough on the body. But then in college, I discovered yoga and it definitely helped. And the yoga and pilates also really helped with keeping my body injury free.

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