Alexandria Crow – The Physics of Yoga

Join me for this fascinating conversation I had the chance to have with Alexandria Crow titled The Physics of Yoga. Alexandria is an inspirational and thoughtful yoga teacher. She has years of experience challenging her body and mind. Listen as she shares some of the wisdom she has found along her journey.

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Alexandria’s Bio
My daily yoga practice has shown me how to approach my life with eyes wide open, allowing me to achieve a sense of ease and acceptance I never thought possible. Choosing to walk down this path has changed my life completely and left me more accepting of myself and the nature of reality than I ever thought possible. Challenges will always exist, but I see them clearly and quickly now, and thanks to my yoga practice, I have the tools to act with great skill.

  • Transitioning from competitive gymnastics to yoga.
  • Alignment principles and injury.
  • First fascination with yoga poses.
  • The importance of repetition.
  • Navigating comments on social media.
  • Is there a place for comedy and yoga?
  • How to reduce shoulder pain?
  • What her vision for the future she dreams of?

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