Sandra Jersby – OsteoThai Massage with the Elite Stretch Therapist of Los Angeles

Sandra Jersby is known as the Elite Stretch Therapist of Los Angeles.  Sandra’s unique approach to recovery is widely popularized amongst many, from professional athletes to novice exercisers. Her extensive knowledge, in several different recovery methods, has allowed her to adapt to each client with an individualized program geared to their specific needs. 

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During this conversation we discuss topics like:

  • How she got started as a body work professional?
  • Cranial sacral therapy and osteopathy.
  • What Osteo -Thai  Yoga Massage is.
  • Training for bikini bodybuilding competitions.
  • The catalyst for her passion for bodywork.
  • How to synthesize Thai massage into the modern day spa environment?
  • What is the massage industry like in California?
  • Communication between the giver and the receiver.
  • How do you prepare for a healing session?
  • Cool fact of the day.

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Check out an excerpt below from our conversation.

Todd McLaughlin

If somebody listening has never had Thai massage. How would you describe Thai massage to them?

Sandra Jersby

The first thing that pops into my mind is it is a meditation, in flow, a meditation in movement. And through that meditation, your body is taken through difference stretches. They’re receiving palm pressing. It’s not a massage with oils although it could be in certain modalities. But it’s more palming and pressing to move the energy around your body to help remove blockages. Also switching up the rhythm and tempo at the same time relaxing your nervous system. When your nervous system is relaxed, usually your muscles and joints will let go. It kind of takes you into a theta brainwave stage. So that’s why I call it meditation and flow, because your mind really relaxes. When that happens, then everything else let’s go. So a lot of the tension that we may be holding on to we may not need. It doesn’t require much force and we may just need to relax. The Thai massage moves help your body to let go and relax. We are relaxing also while we are moving you into these stretches. It’s more of a welcoming from the body like I am willing to let go and receive. And then also with the Osteo Thai, we do a lot of mobilization of the joints as well. So it’s a lot of circumduction basically moving in circles, that helps to open. We bring in this fluid movement , like we know from yoga. And we also do a lot of traction movement, like pulling to help create that space. So the combination of all these different palming the pulling, the stretching, helps to open up the body. And a lot of times people have never experienced in being in a lot of these positions. So even that is an experience like, oh my gosh, I didn’t know my body can go in all these positions. It feels invigorating and recharging at the same time being taken on this journey. The experience of all these different flows and directions and upside down. And so that in itself can be just a huge energy boost after receiving Thai Massage.

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