Eric Shaw – Light On Yoga History and Philosophy

Ever wonder if there is more to yoga than just the yoga postures? Join my guest Eric Shaw for a discussion around his new book called Sacred Thread: A Comprehensive Yoga Timeline: 2000 Events that Shaped Yoga History.  Eric’s teachings and passions have been influenced significantly by his teachers, in particular Shandor Remete and Rod Stryker. You can visit Eric on his website at and you can purchase a copy of Eric’s new book on Amazon here.

We discuss topics like:

  • What is the pre-common era?
  • Yoga sutras and urbanization in India.
  • Buddha gives us a new philosophy of life.
  • The difference between consumer consumerism and environmentalism in India.
  • Mapping connections through language patterns.
  • Who were the key cultural movers of the Theosophical Society?
  • The History of the Hatha Yoga Project.
  • Historical perspective of Krishnamacharya’s story.

You can listen to the full episode for free here:

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